"Let the little children come unto me" - Jesus

At LFA Kids it is our goal to help kids learn about Jesus in a safe environment.  Because of this, we have taken several steps towards this end.  If you have more questions please email Pastor Evie Knutsen.

Check-In Process

  • Enter the building by the Fellowship. 
  • At the Check-In Table you child will receive a security tag and you will receive a matching security card.
  • If checking in for Sunday School, your child will proceed directly downstairs to their class.
  • If checking in for the 10:45 service you may take your children to the sanctuary where they may sit with you for the worship time or sit with the Children's Workers in the front.
  • After the worship time, children will be escorted downstairs by children's workers with security badges.
  • After service, children ages 10 and up will be released from their classes.  Children under 10 will stay in their classes. until picked up by a parent with a matching security card.

Child Safety

  • Background Checks for Workers
    • National Criminal Background Check
    • State Criminal and Child Abuse Background Check
  • Badges
    • Security Badges for Teachers and Workers
    • Security Cards for Parents
  • Child Info
    • Emergency contact for each child
    • An attempt is made to keep up to date allergy information for each child